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Empowered Girls Programming

Empowered Girls of North Carolina (EGNC) has always focused on all girls ages 6 through 18. Our belief is that younger girls should receive positive leadership programming as well as middle and high school girls.


EGNC exists to empower girls to become responsible, self-reliant, confident girls with respect for self and others. Girls receiving these messages are more likely to stay in school, excel and become active, productive citizens in their respective communities.


The mission statement of Empowered Girls of North Carolina is:

“Enhancing the quality of girls’ lives by providing programming that builds integrity, respect and self-worth”

Empowered! Girls Summer Camp is designed to inspire girls, ages 6-16, by challenging them mentally, promoting creativity and academics. Summer camp includes hands-on activities, technology and a friendly all-girl environment.

 Our Mission: Enhancing the quality of girls’ lives by providing programming that builds integrity, respect and self-worth.

 Our counselors: Teachers, grad and undergrads students dedicated to working with girls and leading their summer activities. They are inspired to teach and bring their knowledge of math, science, art, music, dancing, photography and much more. 


Dates: June 17 – Aug 9, 2024

Times: 7:45 a.m.  – 5:30 pm
Location: 1004 N. English Street, Greensboro, NC 27405



Phone: 336.790.2763



Girls night out is a celebration of friendship and the perfect way to unwind from school pressures, homework and life's everyday stresses. It's also a great way to catch up, meet new friends, bond with your nearest and dearest friends.

Last GNO for school Year 2023-2024 is May 17th.

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