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Empowering Girls In North Carolina

Welcome to the world of the PowerGirl!

At Empowered Girls of North Carolina we call our members PowerGirls because we believe they have the potential to grow up from girls to emPOWERed  women!


We would love to have you join our group as an Official PowerGirl! As a member of Empowered Girls of North Carolina you will be a part of a dynamic girl-centered organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of girls’ lives by providing programming that builds integrity, respect and self-worth. Are you interested in meeting other girls your age, maybe learning how to dance, interested in poetry, how about fun field trips or just being yourself?


Your PowerGirl Membership will give you access to discounts on our programs and services we offer in Greensboro and the greater Piedmont Triad region. Our PowerGirls enjoy making new friends, participate in fun events and activities, meet inspiring women (mentors), are empowered and educated by our programs and workshops, and develop great skills in their journey to becoming productive young women!


Our Vision, Goals and Commitment

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Every girl deserves the chance to reach her full potential. With EGNC, girls can find the support they need to become the confident, capable young women they are meant to be.

Join Us in Empowering Girls Everywhere

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