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Tracy Anderson


A little about me

My name is Tracy and I’m a Philly girl living in the South. I’m a mom to two amazing and grey-hair inducing boys who make me wonder sometimes how they’re related to each other, let alone to their father and me. I’ve been married to my guy for two decades and together we are masters of the univ…(our quiet home in Greensboro.)

I’m also an avid list maker — it soothes my soul to check boxes — so I’ve made a list of a few other very important things to tell you about myself. If I check enough boxes for you, I’d LOVE to be your photographer!

  • I’m all about breakfast for dinner and PJ day on any day that ends in y.

  • I’ll go see any musical — anywhere — always. Please invite me. I’ll go see anything your other half doesn’t want to.

  • I’m a rabid college football fan and I pray every fall weekend that my Georgia Bulldogs get the 7pm ESPN slot.

  • My only biggest guilty pleasure is Law & Order (just the original, especially episodes with Lenny Briscoe) and cupcakes.

  • I truly adore my clients and want to help them build an amazing session they’ll always remember.

So….let’s chat, let’s grab coffee, let’s run to the grocery in our yoga pants and we’ll get something planned that you’ll love and want to hang on your walls.

Don’t forget to visit my website

kennette Island-Empress Burgess


I specialize in providing affordable yet high quality resources and solutions to establish new business owners, grow existing enterprises, or launch their new inventions and products to the marketplace.

If you are ready to launch your business, launch a new product, have a special project I can manage or need sound marketing advice, email me today! I have my M.B.A. with over 15 years global marketing experience, am an award-winning marketer and passionate about developing small to medium sized businesses and minority entrepreneurs. Let me FOCUS on your marketing, while you FOCUS on what you love to do!



Great Customer Service




FF10 Program

Our Story . . .

In 2019 Future Fund changed the way they awarded grant money to local nonprofits. Instead of giving out grants through their committee, they decided to introduce the amazing nonprofits to the ENTIRE GREENSBORO COMMUNITY. So they took inspiration from Shark Tank and American Idol and decided to host a philanthropy pitch competition that the audience decided the winner and Future Fund 10 LIVE was born!


FF10 Program— Mentoring and Coaching

Now, 10 nonprofit finalists are chosen from over 50 applications each year. The finalists receive community mentors to help give pro-bono consulting advice in their areas of need— social media, marketing, fundraising, strategy, tech, and more. They prepare their pitch at an intensive 2-day workshop, The Art of Persuasive Presentation by world-class consultants— Extraordinary Inc.

FF10 LIVE— the Event

The finalists take the stage at Future Fund 10 LIVE and give their three-minute pitch. After sharing their passion the audience texts to vote for the $20,000 Community Award Winner. Future Fund members vote on the $12,000 and $8,000 Funder awards. People tuning in virtually can also vote on the $3,000 Livestream award.

The BIG Future Fund 10 LIVE event includes receptions before and after the pitches where the audience can interact and connect with the entire Future Fund 10 Class to learn more about their missions and opportunities for support and engagement.

This will be the can’t miss event of the year and we want you there!

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