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Enhancing the quality of girls’ lives by providing programming that builds integrity, respect and self-worth is the mission of Empowered Girls of North Carolina.


Our primary goal is to empower girls to become successful young women that exemplify the sum of our quality programming and the experiences that they have received by being a part of this girl serving organization.

Elementary, Middle School, High School Programming
Each age group has a unique curriculum catered to their needs!

  • You are the Treasure - (Self-Worth)

  • Empowered to Lead

  • No More Mean Girls

  • Growing up a Girl

  • Money Matters

  • Every Day Science

Middle school
  • Girls Leadership Edge

  • No More Mean Girls

  • Money Matters

  • Girl Talk

  • Commit To Be Fit

  • Self-Worth is a State of Mind

High school
  • Girls Leadership Edge

  • Empowered to Lead

  • No More Mean Girls

  • Money Matters

  • STEM Careers

  • Girl Talk

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Healthy Lifestyles

  • College Prep

Getting Priorities Straight (GPS)


High School girls Preparatory program

The goals set by each girl in the program are achieved by taking small steps now, learning basic skills in communication, finance, problem solving, negotiation, conflict resolution and self-care. Empowered Girls can be part of girls' lives and help guide them, assisting them in getting the higher education of their choice, and lead them to create a good successful life.

Community service


Teen community service projects instill a sense of accomplishment in the girls involved. They see the impact of their efforts on a local level, which often inspires them to continue assisting in other areas of need. Empowered Girls assists and encourage the girls  to develop a community service project around their interests and passions.

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Creative expressions
  • Inspirational Dance

  • Creative Writing

  • Art Works

  • Drama

  • Girls Chorus

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