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‘GirlTalk Newsletter now available!



FOCUS: Graduations, last #GNO and more...


Hey #PowerGirl members, parents and followers, our GirlTalk Newsletter will be published every month and include programming topics, events and fundraisers, member information, GirlTalk, feature our #PowerGirls, and much more.


If you would like to contribute to the newsletter with articles or sponsorship, please email Marketing Director, Kennette Burgess at You can easily download this free newsletter every month from this page.




APRIL- In This Issue

· Summer Camp is Back!

· PowerGirl Features: Graduation

· GNO Photo Recap

· Human Race Photo Recap

· Special shout out to the Mothers







2015 Past Issues

APRIL - In This Issue

1st issue!!!

· Who We Are

· What We Offer

· Sending Patience off—College                                 Scholarship Fund

· Women’s History Month Recap

· Girls Night Out

· Summer Camp

· #PowerGirl Feature·  Kennette Burgess

MAY- In This Issue

· Summer Camp

· Teen Pregnancy Month

· Sending Patience off—College

   Scholarship Fund

· April Financial Literacy Month Recap

· Girls Night Out

· #PowerGirl Feature - Hayley

· Upcoming Events

JUNE- In This Issue

· Summer Camp

· Sending Patience off—College

   Scholarship Fund

· May Recap

· Girls Night Out Finale

· #PowerGirl Feature - Symone Austin


JULY- In This Issue


· Summer Camp FUN!!! Activities to look forward to

· Sending Patience off—College

   Scholarship Fund

·After Graduation; College Prep Tips

· June  Summer Camp Photo Recap

· #PowerGirl Feature - Brandie


AUGUST- In This Issue

· Summer Camp Talent Showcase

· Immunization Awareness Month

· Summer Camp Finale

· PowerUp #PowerGirls; Back to School Tips

· Sending Patience off—College

   Scholarship Fund

· June Recap

· Girls Night Out Coming soon

· #PowerGirl Feature - Carmen


SEPTEMBER- In This Issue

· Girls Night Out is back!

· 2nd Annual High Tea & Silent Auction

· Back to School #PowerGirlsNC Photos

· Summer Camp Talent Showcase

· College Scholarship Fund

· #PowerGirl Feature - Katrina

· September is Sickle Cell Month

OCTOBER- In This Issue

· Success! 2nd Annual High Tea & Silent Auction

· October is Bullying Awareness Month

· October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

· Girls Night Out continues...

· Photo : Girls Night Out & High Tea 2015

· Donate to College Scholarship Fund

· #PowerGirl Features - The Birthday girls!

· National Hispanic Heritage Month


JAN/FEB- In This Issue

· Happy New Year

· Black History Month  features

· SAVE THE DATE: Girl’s Night Out returns

· 2015 Photo recaps

· Volunteer Recruitment this Saturday

· Donate to Our College Scholarship Fund

· #PowerGirl Feature  - Ashley Miner


March- In This Issue

· The Human Race Fundraiser

· Social Media Contest  

· Coupon Fundraiser

· GNO continues

· February GNO RECAP

· Parent Iniaitative

· POWERGIRL Feature—Shondale

· Women’s History Month

· Donate to the Scholarship Fund



Special thanks to #PowerGirl volunteer Ashley Miner for  creating our newsletters!

APRIL- In This Issue

· Human Race Fundraiser

· Take our Daughters to Work

· Crossword puzzle—April is Financial 

Literacy Month and Mathematics
Awareness Month

· Girl’s Night Out March Recap


· #PowerGirl Shout out –Miss Jasmine

· PowerGirl Feature—Tameka Beasley,

· April is National Child Abuse
Prevention Month






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