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 Our #NCPowerGirls get accepted into Universities after graduating out of EGNC!



The Solution

We greatly appreciate you in advance in helping us send off such an ambitious, intelligent #NCPowerGirls to college or career to become upstanding women in the community. Our Mission at Empowered Girls of North Carolina is to empower or girls ages 6-18 to build integrity, respect and self-worth. We provide a sense of purpose, both academically and personally, we provide a safe atmosphere of Diversity and Life Skills. 


The Problem
"Welcome to our World"

Even though women have made important advances in education over the last few decades, there are still significant differences in earnings between both genders and still a gap in STEM careers fields pursued by women. College education is still more than ever! She is growing up in a place where:

  • 1/4 of all girls don’t finish high school

  • 3/10 will be pregnant before age 20

  • 1/5 will experience childhood sexual abuse

  • 78% are unhappy with their bodies

  • Women are more likely to be viewed as sexual objects than as leaders

  • Women are still earning only $0.76 for every dollar a man earns

  • Women are extremely underrepresented in politics; 2% of US Senate is Hispanic; 14% of US Senators are women (2007).

Thank you for your interest in supporting Empowered Girls of North Carolina with your financial gifts. Our goal is to continue to award multiple scholarships each year to members of Empowered Girls of North Carolina.


These scholarships may be applied to the many college expenses namely books, living expenses, relocation, or tuition expenses at any accredited 2 or 4-year college or university. These are private scholarships to our members and are only available when we get donors like YOU to donate to our Scholarship Fund! Join us in sending our girls to college!

Our First Goal $500 for books
  • Donate Online

Secure online donation with PayPal!

  • Donate by Mail

Mailing Address:
Empowered Girls of North Carolina
P.O. BOX 13914
Greensboro NC, 27415

  • Donate in Kind

For those of you who may also want to donate college school supplies to our girls, those are most welcomed! Computers, pens, books, scientific calculators, dorm supplies and furniture, food and the other essentials to a successful college life! Email us using the contact form to

Our Success!

HerStory – See what your donations have done and can do!

It is our pleasure to present to you Ms. Geneva Harrison. Geneva came to us as a member in 2008 and she was always smart and independent. She not only participated in workshops and events but always willing to help other girls who were struggling with problems. At an early age she demonstrated maturity beyond her years.


Over the years we watched Geneva grow. She began to volunteer when she entered high school and since then, she has been dedicated and has made a great difference in helping to make changes for the organization to expand it as a whole. She served as a volunteer staff member for our girl’s summer camp for two years, our youngest volunteer. We were very impressed with her drive, willingness to serve and most importantly, passion for uplifting our girls.


Geneva demonstrates drive, persistence, and commitment to our organization. Without requirement, she always takes the initiative to go above and beyond what is expected.


We are proud to have graduates like Geneva graduate our of our EGNC program and go off to college and return to become a volunteer.



Thanks to supporters like you who donate ongoing, our #NCPowerGirl can receive scholarships to the colleges of their dreams.


About Patience

Our Success! See what your donations produce!

This young lady has been apart of this organization since we were Girls Inc. of Guilford

County and well before that. She is an outstanding young lady with financial struggles

who is striving to go to nursing school. 

Patience is an exceptional academic student so much so that she had a GPA of 4.1 in high school. Patience was accepted at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC as well as five other acceptance letters from surrounding colleges. We sent Patience off to college 4 years ago and hosted a College Shower that we give as a membership benefit to every girl.

egnc graduate tona.jpg
EGNC Twins.jpg


Meet our Twins! Angie & Tona

Our Success! See what your donations produce!




“Empowered Girls has helped me with everything and mentored me through life. Even when I was in college my freshman year. They sponsored a college shower for me and I got the things I needed for school.”  - Angie

Hello, my name is Antoinette, many of my family and peers know me as Tona. When I was twelve years old I joined an amazing program called known as Girls Inc. of Guilford County (It is now Empowered Girls of North Carolina), this program inspires all girls to make right choices and to be strong. This program molded me into a strong young woman as well as a strong minded woman that I am today. I joined that program exactly twelve years ago, and it still seems surreal that it’s been that long. I cannot imagine my life without this program being a major role in it.

I would like to express what this program has done for me. As a young teen I have always been extremely shy, although the program in my neighborhood began with only two girls, which was my sister and I, I never knew what it would take to actually get me out of my shell. Every Saturday morning I would wake up bright and early and go to our girls’ workshop, sometimes I would gather girls from the neighborhood and tell them about the program so we could all go together. There were times when I would brag so much that the young guys would try and come, but as a kid and a young girl this was a “girls club and no boys were allowed”. At least that is what I would tell myself.

As the years passed, from middle school to high school, I noticed how much I became confident in myself. Being a part of this program I became an amazing public speaker.

(To be continued)


Thanks to supporters like you, our #PowerGirl twins Angie & Antoinette were able to receive scholarships to each of their colleges. They also return to donate their time volunteeting with the younger girls.

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